In recent years, renewed impetus has been given to the management of the library of the Sicilian Society of Natural Sciences, housed in the premises made available by the University Museum System of the University of Palermo at the Geological Museum “G. G. Gemmellaro” in Corso Tukory, 131.
The library is mainly made up of scientific and popular magazines that exchange their editions with the volumes of Il Naturalista Siciliano, as well as donations and occasional acquisitions of monographs, conference proceedings and extracts.
Following a re-cataloguing and computerization work on a relational database, the library currently includes over 14,000 titles which encompass most of the panorama of naturalistic disciplines, both in the biological field and in the earth sciences and humanities. Exchanges with Il Naturalista Siciliano currently refer to over sixty magazines from various scientific and naturalistic institutions (Museums, Associations, university and research institutes, etc.) from all over the world.
Thanks to a donation from Dr. Gabriella Di Palma, the bibliographic collection of Marquis Antonio De Gregorio - former president of the SSSN - was recently acquired, which includes over 600 titles, all in original, currently being arranged and digitally reproduced. The publications of this eclectic scholar, active in the period between the 19th and 20th centuries, embrace countless fields of interest, not only strictly naturalistic, ranging from agriculture to geology,
to astronomy, physics, paleontology, malacology, mountaineering and speleology.


  1. The Library of the Sicilian Society of Natural Sciences is located in the premises of the Gemmellaro Geological Museum of the University of Palermo, located in Corso Tukory 131 - Palermo.
  2. The catalogs of the Library and the De Gregorio Fund in Excel format can be consulted and/or downloaded by clicking on the buttons at the bottom of this page.
  3. Access to the library is free, by booking in advance through the Manager at the email address:
  4. The publications kept in the library can be: 
  • consulted at the library's premises, by prior agreement with the Responsible;
  • photocopied or reproduced in digital format, including through photography/scanning, (to be acquired directly from the library or sent via e-mail) in compliance with copyright law and/or the rules dictated by individual publishers;
  • the reproduction of the above publications is normally free except for reimbursement to the Company of any out-of-pocket expenses, to be agreed from time to time with the Manager
  • in the case of ancient and/or particularly valuable publications, the consultation/reproduction methods will be agreed upon from time to time with the Manager.