Società Siciliana di Scienze Naturali

The Sicilian Society of Natural Sciences was founded in 1896 by Enrico Ragusa, originally with the name of
"Society of Sicilian Naturalists"; the current one was assumed in 1909, under the presidency of Antonio De Gregorio.
In reality, its magazine, "Il Naturalista Siciliano", was published as early as 1881.
After various events, the SSSN was refounded in 1977 , the year in which the magazine resumed publication with the fourth series.
Since 1998 the company has been configured as a non-profit organization.
Among its social objectives are the promotion and relaunch of natural sciences, research and dissemination activities, the protection of scientific and environmental heritage, as well as editorial and exchange activities with other naturalistic societies and associations and with public and private scientific institutions.

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The magazine of SSSN

Il Naturalista Siciliano

Il Naturalista siciliano is the oldest scientific magazine published in Sicily. Founded in 1881 by Enrico Ragusa, is the corporate body of SSSN.